Why My Businesses Are No Longer On Social Media

About Social Media

Over the years, personally and professionally, I’ve found the value of social media platforms on the decline, which is why my businesses are no longer on Social Media. Several things happened over the span of a year that made me eventually pull the plug on certain social media platforms in January 2020. A part from YouTube, I don’t have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any other popular platforms. If you’d like to connect with me you can do so by subscribing to my mailing list and my blog’s RSS feed. 

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Not Like It Used To Be! 

The truth is Social Media is not like is used to be! Back in the day, not every one used or understood how to connect with others on large platforms such as (for example) Facebook. So content being shared in unconventional ways got more views, more shares, and more engagement.  

Let me ask you a question. What happens to anything, when everyone is doing it, using it, and flocking to it? Here in 2020 as I write this article, I think back on when I first kicked off my business in 2011. I was on every social media platform back then; even then, because it was such a new space, there was so much to learn about engaging with those who wanted to follow your content. Now that everyone is tapping into the same pipes, it’s even harder to share and be seen. 

Facebook In Particular! 

Recently, January 2020, I had a chat with Facebook support. The conversation was in regards to why, when business boost their post, the algorithm changes instantly. I noticed with another business I manage, that when we boosted posts (meaning we pay to reach more of our audience) our organic algorithm changed drastically. 

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More and more, I received e-mail after e-mail, message after message from Facebook, advising us to boost our post to get those who already follow us, to see it. 

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Greedy Little Munchkin!  

The conversation I had with Facebook support came after a full two months of scheduling post, usually three times a day for six days a week; I started doing this after noticing in July of 2019 our organic reach for a business with over 3000 likes and followers, was only reaching 20-60 people per post (sometimes less than that) with 60 being a high number. I wanted to test things out, post at different times, etc. to see if it was just me. After no change,  I advised the representative that, the algorithm changed immediately after we boosted our first post back in July 2019. 

We paid Facebook to share something we thought was important for everyone on our page to see. Before this, we never boosted post. In return Facebook decided that since we were a business willing to pay to get our post boosted, they would no longer allow us organic reach like before, when we were once getting 200-300 plus organic reach per post. Now, they want us to pay to get our post seen. I’d get constant messages like “Boost your latest post for $10.00 to reach 1200 people”. Well, why should I have to pay you for views we should already be getting? Why can’t I reach out to my audience? Why are my followers, (who are interested in my business and content) not able to view my most important information when I share it? 

The Answer!  

I asked the Facebook representative, all the questions above. The answer I received leads me back to the beginning of my Article and my question to you. What happens to anything, when everyone is doing it, using it and flocking to it? Facebook support told me that, they can’t control what content is shown on follower’s walls; of course this is complete crap but okay! 

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With another follow up, the Representative stated that they only allow a limited amount of content on a User’s feed at a time. The Rep. also advised me that my audience may have many other pages they are following which impacts organic and priority feeds. 

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The Dramatic Conclusion! 

Back in the day, for me, social media worked. I could share something and my audience would see it and engage. I love sharing my work, ideas and more importantly lessons and insight in hopes to encourage others. Here in 2020 platforms like Facebook have become more and more about the money than ever before. On the flip side, businesses and content creators 

are flooding the spaces, making it harder and harder for anyone to get a jump start with connecting and sharing with others. So for me, due to my personal experience, I’m going back to the basics. I’ll be sharing some awesome content across my blog so be sure to follow my RSS feed. Also, I will be sending out great content based on your subscription, whether you want encouraging post, business tips or you want to just follow my brand, I’d be happy to have you and value you as a subscriber!

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