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Special & Intimate Weddings 

Starting at $290.00 - $550.00

Your wedding day is a cherished milestone that holds immense sentimental value, regardless of its scale or the venue. At MM Photography, I specialize in capturing the essence of intimate weddings, ensuring that you have high-quality photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Packages include a range from 15-45 edited, ready-to-print photos; access to a private gallery with print options available. Pricing varies based on location, guest size and other custom options. Inquire today for a package that's made special for you. 

Courthouse weddings and special weddings. Inquire Today! 

Large Wedding Coverage




  • 6 Hours Of Coverage
  • Getting Ready
  • Ceremony
  • Wedding Party & Family
  • Reception
  • Up-to 100 Photo Edits
  • Private Gallery
  • Print Options Available
  • Videography




  • 8 Hours Of Coverage
  • Getting Ready
  • Ceremony
  • Wedding Party & Family
  • Reception
  • Up-To 150 Photo Edits
  • Private Gallery
  • Print Options Available
  • Videography

Custom Packages Options Includes

Getting Ready

It's all about the Brides & Grooms before they walk down the aisle. Snapped through the eye of the lens--you getting your hair and makeup. Putting the finishing touches on your attire. A smile and a hug from your wedding party as they move you closer towards the moment of your "I DO!" ❤


That moment you stare into each other's eyes and say, "I'm committing to a life with you." The gentle touch of hands, and exchange of marriage representation, before however many witnesses you choose. No matter how traditional or non-traditional your wedding may be, this moment is THE MOMENT that shifts your life into a new chapter.

Wedding Party

After getting ready and walking down the aisle to your " I Do!" It's time to celebrate and party! 🎉! Now we're getting beautiful shots of your wedding party & family. Bright smiles and excitement as you're riding off with your love into the new pages of your life's story.


Will you grace the dance floor with your first dance after your nuptials? However the party goes down, the focus of MM Photography is on you. I always say, "the party is wherever the wedding cake is!" 

Engagement Photoshoot

Starting at $250.00 1 Hour Shooting up-to 3 scenes

Capture the beauty of your engagement through the lens of MM Photography. Packages include 10-30 edited, ready-to-print photos; access to a private gallery with print options available.

Non-Traditional Weddings
(Custom Packages)

Are you planning to have a non-traditional wedding/nuptials, and you're just in the market for smaller photography packages to capture your special day? Fill out the form below to inquire about Custom Packages. Whether you'd like photos at a courthouse, park, or your backyard, we'd be happy to build a package for you!

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  • Engagement Photoshoot
  • Couple Photoshoot
  • Small Wedding 10-50 Guests
  • Large Wedding-Basic
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Monica Mize

Creative still Shots Of Memories

Monica M Enterprises is delighted to be a part of your intimate wedding, elopement, or engagement photography. I'm excited to have the opportunity to discuss your specific photography requirements and provide you with exceptional service. When you choose to work with me, you can always expect a high level of professionalism and creativity. We are committed to capturing the essence of your special day in a unique and memorable way.