Valuable Asset: Health

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Valuable Asset-Health

Valuable Asset: Health

In America especially, we have a huge problem with waiting until something happens before we decide to be active and do something about our situation. A big majority of people are out of shape, sleep deprived, stressed, mentally drained and then some. We keep going, we keep moving, we don’t stop, and sadly in a lot of cases we don’t change unless we are forced to. This week here in the Motivational Zone, I’m encouraging you to pay attention to one of your valuable assets, which is your health! How can you begin to give your health more attention?  MOTIVATION & GOAL ASSIGNMENT: #1. This week focus on your consumptions whether it’s food, entertainment, conversations etc. In doing this you’ll find your stressors and habits that may not allow you to feel at your best. 2. Write down and commit to a better habit that you can put in the place of certain things that are interfering with your health and mental state. For example:

  • Do you need to add more veggies to your diet? 
  • Are you watching too much tv when you could be getting more sleep?
  • Are you having conversations with certain people or about certain topics that cause you to stress more? 
  • Do you need to limit your time on the internet and social media? 
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