Tyler Perry Responds To Critics Regarding His Writing

Tyler Perry responds to critics regarding his writing. After he made the statement that he doesn’t have a writers-room, this prompted outrage in regards to him writing everything himself. His intention was to promote a good work ethic, but it wasn’t well-received. Many responded by telling Perry that he needed writers, and that he needs to support the community by providing jobs for others.

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Tyler Perry has worked to build quite a career for himself. Beyond his writing, acting and production skills, 2019 was quite a year for Perry with the grand (public) opening of Tyler Perry Studios. At Tyler Perry Studios he dedicated his sound stages to other black actors who have made an impact in the entertainment industry. 

He started his career by introducing a version on black grandmothers and great aunts, in his character Madea. Madea toured across the country in many stage plays, several of which Perry later turned into movies. Madea films became popular, especially among the black and Christian communities. 

As of 2019 Perry has decided to retire his Madea character.

Retiring Madea was a decision made after many films focusing on Madea and her family which made him millions. A part from Madea, he’s had many other successful films like ‘Why Did I Get Married’, ‘For Colored Girls’, ‘Precious’, ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ and many more. I’m sure his ability to write, produce, act and film his own productions is what afforded him the opportunity to now have one of the biggest Motion Picture Studios. 

If It’s Not Broken…

After much success throughout his career, Perry finds himself responding to the critics regarding his writing, productions, wardrobe choices and more. He especially felt the need to respond during his press tours to promote his Netflix film ‘A Fall From Grace’ which was already receiving mixed reviews. The audience doesn’t like Tyler’s production choices stating that the movie was too low quality for someone on Perry’s level. He also received a lot of constructive criticism regarding the wardrobe and hair-styling of his actors. Critics was advising Mr. Perry to use some of that awesome stylist talent in Atlanta and hire someone to make wigs for him. There is nothing wrong with critics saying that–right?!  

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What I think has happened is, Perry has taken on the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality. Since he has been so successful shooting films the same exact way in the past, why not keep it going? What I think he doesn’t understand is, when people see you make it to another level, they expect the quality of your work to speak for your advancements. 

Why Did I Get Married Too

Nothing New!  

I’ve personally been on Tyler Perry’s heel about his production and writing since he decided to write, film and release ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’, as well as his highly promoted by poorly filmed ‘Madea’s Boo Halloween’. In ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’ he totally lost me when he decided to make Janet Jackson’s character (who is a relationship counselor) a complete WITCH who announces her divorce to everyone 

including her husband. In the film her husband didn’t know they were getting a divorce. As I was watching i’m thinking “what kind of crap is this?” The whole movie was a hot mess from the beginning to the end! As far as ‘Madea’s Boo Halloween’ I remember being pumped for this movie thinking that Tyler was stretching his wings and trying something new. The promotions for the films were amazing and had us thinking we were going to get some good scares and fun at the same time. Literally, five seconds into the film, as the drone panned down in front of the school in the first scene, I put my hand in my head and just said “no.” The acting and quality of the move was terrible. Criticism about Tyler’s films is nothing new; critics have been addressing Tyler’s production quality for years. I have even knocked the quality of some of his recent shows including ‘The Oval’ on BET. 

Not Too Rich or Successful To Change!

Tyler Perry is not too rich or successful to change and continue growing in his craft. Personally I feel like his films can use some brushing up on. I can relate to having a certain way you like to learn and do things. I believe that Perry’s choice not to have writers at this time circles back to him just wanting to have the freedom to do things how he wants them done. He stated in several interviews that he’s had a Writer’s Room in the past but it was too complicated. He said had had to make too many changes for his writers. Basically it sounds like he doesn’t like micromanaging. Maybe it’s possible that he hasn’t found the right team for yet; I hope that he does soon so that he can continue to expand his already impressive legacy! 

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