Stop Chasing What Used To Be!

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Chasing What Use To Be-Motivation Zone


Stop Chasing What Used To Be! 

In life, in nature, everywhere around us, things evolve into something it never was before. Often times among the best examples of evolving and changing is the beautiful butterfly; it starts as a caterpillar and through a process, it changes into the beauty we see flying among the skies with its wings. A butterfly never turns back to it’s larvae stage once it has changed. As humans we can learn a lot from nature and from the butterfly. 

It is important that we begin to view our past as growth stages in our lives; not to work back to but to work from. I’ve seen so many people remain stuck, depressed and let down because they are chasing what use to be, the size they use to be, the friends they use to have etc. Yes, it’s okay to remember the good times and look back on them, but so much has changed, which causes different responses and results as we get older. How can you move forward with your best self today, without chasing and carrying the same expectations from the past? The answer is, move forward, seek new solutions and results as well as gaining new memories and experiences! 

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