Self-Therapy: Why It’s Important

Self-Therapy is more important now than ever before. Why? Because, right now we live in a society where we are constantly being pored into. We are always on the receiving end of other’s ideals, opinions, lifestyles, drama, etc. In today’s society, there isn’t much people don’t post on social media. The news and media outlets are choosing political sides, and choosing what, and what not to share with the public. Opinions and intentions are different from what they use to be. Now, it’s every man for himself, when there was a time where it seemed that businesses and media cared more about the stability and well-being of American Citizens, but now, not so much. 

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Get To Know Yourself!  

Usually, in therapy you take the time out to speak with professionals regarding details of your life, goals, relationships, problems etc. In return you have someone who listens and offers suggestions, and practices, that you can do to get past or overcome whatever issues your may have.

The problem is, many of us ignore what our inner-voice is telling us. To take it even further, now that we have so much noise, from technology, entertainment etc. our inner-voice is being drowned out by everything else, making self-therapy more important now than ever. Self-Therapy is–taking out much needed time to gather your thoughts and assess how you feel, what your next moves are, and also taking care of home. It’s stepping back from everything else, getting quite and listening to the sounds and dialogues from your life. What needs you attention right now? How are your relationships? Is there something you’ve been wanting to improve, learn, or change? Do you need more rest? How are the kids? What does your future hold? 


There is nothing wrong with taking some time out for yourself and those you love; unplugging from all other noises that for the most part, does not concern you directly, immediately or otherwise. Now you may ask, “what do I do while I’m unplugged?” Well, it is the time to do what ever it is you’ve been needing or wanting to do.

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Spend time with those you’ve been needing/wanting to spend time with. Start learning whatever it is you’ve been wanting to learn. Sit and have much needed conversations with loved ones. Get out, see the world and live without hanging on to your tech. devices. 

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Write It Down! 

Writing has always helped me understand my goals and thoughts a little more. Taking the time out to get to know yourself keeps us from reacting just based on what we heard or have seen someone else do in similar situations. Today, in 2020, we live in a–do as I do, believe as I believe without questions–society. 

Many times I’ve written my thoughts down, read over them and then I’d say to myself “wow, what was I thinking?” lol! Not all of our thoughts are worth holding on to. As a matter of fact, a good bit of our thoughts need checking because there is always a war in the mind.

Understanding & Knowledge = Strength 

God said “my people perish due to a lack of understanding of the things they experience.” -Hosea 4:6 KJV Now is the time to strength yourself with knowledge of your life and purpose; this is what self-therapy is all about. So that you aren’t easily moved or shaken by the ways and craziness of this world; but instead, you can exercise critical thinking and good judgement to make wise decisions, and to take care. 

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