Rising Or Sinking?

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Rise or Sink

Rising Or Sinking? 

I know here in 2020 I’ve felt the pressure of many different circumstances, to a point, that at times, I’ve felt like willingly giving up; in those times I was saying “Okay, I’ve seen and heard enough. This is too much. I fold!” Going back to your purpose, if you give up, you will definitely not be there for the people who need whatever it is that you hold for them. It is true that we go in and out of different pressures; as the next quote says…what are the lessons and takeaways? When you can help it, don’t make decisions under pressure. Find the time to sit and think through your situations and circumstances. Is there a solution? What are the changes that you need to make? Are you dealing with the wrong people? How are you spending your time? You can count on change being a huge factor of why pressure exists in our lives. We just have to be willing to work through the details and work towards the best response so that we can rise! 

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