Protective Custody

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Protective Custody-Guard


Protective Custody

The year 2020 has really made it clearer to me how important it is to guard your heart, mind, emotions and peace. With technology being so advance, every piece of news, every new death, the next event, the latest scandal and people personal lives are all just a finger swipe away. It’s important to begin making a conscious decision to protect that which is valuable to you, starting with your physical and spiritual well-being. You have to think of it as Protective Custody, which means you are always on guard and scanning for the triggers that take you away from your peace as well as achieving your goals. How? 1. Stay mindful of what you are consuming. What we see and are entertained by, and the conversations you are having; each can all play a role in moving us away from where we should be. 2. Choose your company. The question is, what is the influence/role (in your life) of the company that you’re keeping? 3. Practice good habits. Often times we wait until we need to change (by force) before we start practicing and getting into better habits. It’s better when we understand the different options that we have at our disposal and make better choices cheerfully/willingly.

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