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 Practice Good Habits! 



When I first learned the lesson of habits, it came to me through a lesson about food. I remember when I use to take my lunch breaks a work, the first thing I wanted to do was grab a Snickers, chips or some salty/sweet snack. Once I was ready to work on my fitness and maintain my health, I realized that the entire time I was eating unhealthy the better choices were still there; I could have been making healthy choices by habit. I didn’t notice that just by not considering my choices, I continued to make the wrong ones which became bad habits; when I recognized this, I began to evaluate other areas of my life where this could have also been true.

Now is the best time to consider your habits. What not-so-good habits do you have now because you haven’t thought about the better choices/options? Find your better choices/options and make it a goal to practice choosing them more often! 

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