Politics: Questions For Your Political Views

Politics in the U.S. can be very confusing for many who don’t follow politicians or political parties. I remember when I was coming up, if you were black, you voted democrat–no question. I rarely heard anyone educate the public on voting, in my community. You didn’t raise questions about your political views. In the black community you voted Democrat because the Republicans are racist–plain and simple. Since I’m not much of a follower anyways, I knew better. You don’t just vote for someone because it’s popular in your community. You educate yourself; you ask the right questions; you sit back and really consider the pros and the cons of certain laws and policies that can affect the country and your family, and then you vote accordingly. 



When I turned 18, I voted for the first time and my first vote went to a Republican. Why? Well, I followed the debates closely at that time. As an 18 year old, I wanted to become educated about laws, policies and the politicians. After watching every debate that year and considering what was being said, I cast

my vote based on who I thought was a better fit the run the country at the time. I voted for the individual who seemed to have the American people in their thoughts and consideration as they made certain plans. I voted for the person I thought would put better policies in place for the future; policies that I could take advantage of as I moved forward with my life and career. I could never understand anyone just going and casting a vote based on it being the popular thing to do; this is why I’m speaking out with questions for your political views.  

Keep It Real!  

Questions for your political views is all about keeping it real with yourself first. There are some things on the table here in 2020 that I feel many of us just aren’t being honest with ourselves regarding what we’d do in certain cases and situations. Take abortion for example; my questions is, if you are happy to be alive why aren’t we fighting for life? 


The same people who want to enforce these questionable abortion laws also wants the whole country to go vegan/vegetarian because they don’t want to kill animals…make it make sense! Personally feel that abortions should be weighed on a case by case bases, because there may be a need for it in certain situations but Planned Parent Hood is not healthy. A Women’s Right to choose starts with when and with whom she chooses to have sex with; as well as to whether she or he chooses to use pregnancy preventive measures–that’s my opinion. Why vote for such a strong law when there are better ways and options before this one? These are just questions for your political views–these are the questions I ask myself.   


Don’t Neglect Your Power! 

In my More Talk episode above I address other hot topics on the table, along side abortion. I’m encouraging everyone not to neglect your power as an American citizen. You have the power to vote for what you believe to be right. Don’t just vote based on what you believe to be

popular. Instead, educate yourselves so that we don’t get blindsided by the agendas and intentions of those who don’t mean well for anyone other than themselves. Vote for politicians who are passionate about people. In today’s society we are losing passion and care for our communities; vote for someone who hasn’t lost that. Don’t neglect your power to make informed decisions at the voters box. Here in America, we have unlimited resources. Let’s not remain ignorant because those we look up to won’t educate us–but instead educate yourselves. Don’t neglect your power and freedoms that so many have fought and died for. Let’s start taking our duties as Americans seriously and let’s shut down some of this foolishness that is on the rise to trouble us. 

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