No Permission Needed

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Permission Or Purpose

No Permission Needed


I feel that often times we complicate a lot of our natural processes and drown them out with certain mentalities and conditioning brought on to us by those who can profit/benefit from us not reaching our full potential. Naturally, we tend to be drawn to careers, ways of living etc. but in today’s society it’s about approval first, then do as everyone else does; this mentality has us seeking and waiting for approval before we decide to start moving in the things we know God has put in our heart to do. It’s important to seek God about your purpose. His purpose for your life is not tied to any one man’s approval. What is it that you are called to do while you’re here on earth? Yes, it’s true that often time walking in our purpose means being properly trained and prepared but you should never shy away from doing just that, even if you have to walk alone. 

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