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Businesses Helping Businesses

MM Photography's Unique Photoshoot Event is designed with the heart of businesses helping businesses. I'll host a photoshoot event at your business location bringing more awareness to your current products, services etc. 

  • MM Photography will choose a product or service to promote for your business. The products or services will be purchased along with the photoshoot package; this will give your business revenue, as well as, exposure. Your products or services will be promoted as included in the Photoshoot package.

  • Unique Photoshoot Events are generally hosted on location of your business. Your photographer will come in and set up a small space to shoot. If you are a furniture or specialty shop, the goal is to use the decor, products and features of your shop as the backdrop.
  • Photo areas will be designated for a certain time within 1 day of your selected operating hours. We will ensure photo areas are out of the way of your normal business traffic as much as possible. 

  • Unique Photoshoot Events are posted on sites such as Eventbrite. Each event purchaser will be provided a time slot to enter your location, take photos, and even shop. 

Customers will be able to come into your business and take photos, and MM Photography will provide access to photos via our private galleries. Customers will be able to download photos (based on their package) and also have access to our Printshop affiliates. 

MM Photography is providing this event free to you while also promoting your business. In return we are able to use your space for this event. 

Our photography fees are already included in the package for customers, which also includes any purchase of your products or services. 

We will provide your business access to a private gallery, to download photos (free) that you may want to use for your own promotion and or social media. 

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Businesses Helping Businesses

Are you considering hosting a professional photoshoot event at your establishment? I invite you to utilize the form above to get in touch with me. Together, we can explore various ideas and packages tailored to meet the specific photography needs of your business. I look forward to collaborating with you.