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Mental Diet

Mental Diet Plan 

We are so use to physical diet plans because we want to reach our goal weights, look our best, be healthy, etc. While Mental Health has been a bigger topic as of 2020, especially with the incline of Social Media, there still isn’t enough emphasis on how to make sure you are actively working on your mental state on the regular. 
To make sure that you are actively working on your Mental Health, begin looking at it the same as your physical health. What is the plan that you need to go on to tighten up and be in your best frame of mind? Do you need a plan that consists of you turning off your phone at a certain time? Maybe you need to exercise writing out your thoughts or speaking to a professional about your hang-ups, concerns, and situations, to release the tension and negativity built up. I also recommend that all of us exercise a Mental Diet plan where we are not allowed to consume negative thoughts (meaning we cast those negative thoughts down instantly and replace it with something positive and encouraging.)

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