Financial Control 2021

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Financial Control

Financial Control 2021


I want to say it was back in the year 2018/2019 when I realized how much money my household was putting out for different things; in this moment of clarity I was able to acknowledge that we were working just to pay everyone else and some of it was stuff that we didn’t necessarily need. Why was this important? Well, in all of our paying out, we rarely had much for ourselves–being able to invest in our health, businesses, crafts, hobbies, vacations etc. So many of us are/were living and working to pay everyone else which is keeping others wealthy/rich. When I came to this realization, I made some small changes that had a big impact on how my finances were working for me. How do you move from working to pay everyone else but instead build up and gain a wealth for yourself?  MOTIVATION & GOAL ASSIGNMENT: #1. This week focus on your money that’s (going out). Is the money going out, going towards bills, entertainment, eating out, businesses, charity etc.?  2. Once you have a clear focus on your money going out, begin to eliminate spending in areas where you can manage to cut back or stop spending all together. 3. In areas where you are now saving, begin to pay yourself, saving for whatever it is that you’d like to invest in, whether it’s your health, business, children’s future, education, family etc.

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