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Plainful Valuable Lessons

Failures & Valuable Lessons


With a straight face, can we really tell the next person that failures don’t produce valuable lessons? Here is another question for you. Why is it, that we can see the lessons in other’s failures but find it hard to gather lessons from our own? Am I the only one? The answer is, we can be more critical of ourselves than we are of others. So when we fail, it’s just simply because “I suck” that takes over, making it harder to see the takeaways from failing. Don’t think so highly of yourself over anyone else. Failing is something that everyone goes through and you’re not excluded from that. If we didn’t have failures, we wouldn’t try again, make things better than it would have been had we not kept trying. We wouldn’t test better options because we’d be too afraid of it not working out. When we embrace failure (seeing it as a benefit opposed to a constant threat) we will then squeeze out all the value and maybe even help the next person get through, or keep them from going through the same thing.

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