Everything Isn’t Good For Everybody

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Isn't Good For Everybody


Everything Isn’t Good For Everybody

The year 2020 taught me so much about unlimited access (having so much information, technology and power at our finger tips). If we don’t use that power and information wisely we run the risks of being consumed by it. One example that I have is Social Media; it has become such an information overload were we as people are are using it to share and keep up with too much at a time. Just because Social Media is popular doesn’t mean we have to use it and be consumed by it. There is a peace in realizing that just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to be a participant or consumer of it.  What has been good for your consumption and what has not?  MOTIVATION & GOAL ASSIGNMENT: #1. This week focus on your consumptions of products, entertainment and services. Monitor how they make you feel at the end of the day. #2. Notate what gives you the best feeling of energy, motivation, positivity and what does not. #3. Make a plan to limit or discontinue the things that do not contribute to your well being/peace of mind. Commit to add things that are more beneficial to your day and the lifestyle that you really want to live. 

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