Empowerment Coaching

Over my 10 years of working different business ventures, I've come across many people who have goals that they'd like to reach but they don't quite know where to start. Starting and owning a business or managing teams is not easy; it most definitely calls for a workable plan that will take discipline and consistency to master and achieve.  


I help my clients tap into their own rhythm of working towards their goals. When working alone or with a team it can be difficult to take on challenges, and to think outside of traditional ways to approach tasks. I help clients get creative and empower them by encouraging the use of tools they already have available, as well as their talents, in order to maximize results. 


I offer coaching for both individuals and groups. For individuals, I help you assess your current approach to whatever your goals are. After our first session you will receive a to-do calendar and a motivation run-down of what to think about and consider moving forward. 

During group sessions we focus on team tasks, customer service, defining roles, organization, communication and more. 


Group coaching to help teams get organized, define roles, focus on communication and more. 



/2 hr

  • 2 Hours Coaching
  • Up-To 25 Participants
  • Action Plan
  • Assessment Write-Up
  • E-mail Follow-Up
  • Quizzes