About Me


I launched my design business back in 2011. Thrilled with the idea of wearing my original quotes and designs I started off selling hand-made jewelry, t-shirts, and many other customizable products. I also loved the fact that if someone else had something creative that they wanted to say, wear or create I could customize a product for them and bring it to life. Naturally, my passion for art and design started when I was very young. I loved drawing on my clothing and furniture with permanent markers and paint; what’s so cool, is my Mom would watch me do this all the time, and she never got onto my case about it. Maybe that’s because at the time I was always just marking up my own stuff and not doodling on her’s; I guess that does help lol! As I got older, moved away from home and got married; my husband also took notice of my love of customizing things and he gave me the nickname Mrs. Custom.Mize and with my last name being Mize I thought that was just too cool and made it my business name before I ever really had the business.

I was already wearing my own designs never thinking that anyone would buy a single piece from me. I just enjoyed them myself, but after getting approached on countless occasions by others taking notice of my creations, my husband looked at me and said “You have to create these for others. They like it and want what you have.” So eventually I decided to do just that, create and sell my designs, and I’ve been having so much fun also bringing other people’s ideas to life and seeing the look on their face when they can wear or own something they had a vision of and helped create.

From there my business scaled to graphics designing for businesses and individuals seeking to build their brands and get established online. My services offered, range from website designing, logos, book covers, promotional products and more. When I initially launched my jewelry business, along with purchasing my products, many people wanted to know who designed my promotions and my websites for my personal company. I did all of it myself; I loved creating for myself and was already versed in Photoshop and knew exactly how I wanted my brand to look. I was very excited that others took notice of not only my products but my overall brand; from there a demand for my services drew me to add graphics designing to my business.

Today I’m staying busy designing and pursuing other business ventures. Do you have a business idea you’re looking to bring to life? Contact me about your design needs!